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5 Tips for Stretching for Heel Pain Relief

By Dr. Paul C. LaFata
August 18, 2014
Category: Heel Pain

Heel Pain Relief with StretchingRunning is a fantastic form of exercise that unites enthusiasts around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people jog on sidewalks, dirt roads, treadmills, and city streets. It’s a versatile activity, too—it costs very little get started and you don’t have to already be in shape to begin. If you’re struggling with heel pain, however, you may have a hard time enjoying this sport. Stretching for heel pain may offer you some of the relief you need, especially if your condition isn’t a chronic problem yet.

Here are a few basic stretches that may benefit your lower limbs:

  • Calf Stretches – Face a wall with one foot several inches behind the other. Keeping the back knee straight, bend the front knee and lunge forward until you feel the pull in your calf. Repeat the stretch with both knees bent.
  • Heel Drops – Stand on a stair step with your heels off the edge. Slowly lower your heels until you feel a stretch, then return to your normal position and repeat.
  • Sole Massage – Take a frozen water bottle or ball and set it on the floor. Roll it underneath your feet, massaging your sole.
  • Plantar Stretch – Sit with one foot crossed over your knee. Flex that foot and gently pull your toes back toward your shins until you feel the pull in your sole and calf.
  • Marble Pick-Ups – Place several marbles or other small objects on the ground in front of you. Sitting in a chair, carefully pick up each one with your toes and drop it in a bowl or cup.

These exercises work to relax tightened tissues that may pull on your heel bone and causing your discomfort. Stretching for heel pain may help keep your feet pain-free for daily runs and potential races alike. If you continue to struggle with foot discomfort, or you notice increasing pain as you run, contact West Lawn Podiatry Associates, the Center for Foot and Ankle Care for an appointment. Call (610) 678-4581 or use our website request form to reach us.

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