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Bone Healing

  How do bones heal?     The bone healing process goes thru three phases, inflammation, bone production and bone remodeling.  Bone inflammation starts right after a fracture and will last for several days.  Read More

Foot Drop

  What is Foot drop? When the person with foot drop walks, the foot slaps down onto the floor. The foot drop patient may use a tip-toe walk on the opposite leg, Read More

Stay Active to Stay Mobile with Arthritis

Exercise doesn’t have to include high energy or high-impact activities to benefit your body. Fluid, controlled activities like tai chi work the muscles and improve circulation without the heavy pounding Read More

Diet and Exercise and your healthy feet

  Did you know that diet and exercise have a profound effect on your feet?  Your entire body is connected.  Everything from things like gout to diabetic foot issues can stem Read More

4 Tips to Avoid Sharing Fungal Nails with Your Family

Halloween is around the corner, which means stores and houses everywhere have spooky ghosts and skeletons peeking out from windows and decorating front porches. People will soon be indulging in Read More

5 Tips to Help Ingrown Toenails at Home

Sometimes amazing sights lurk below what we can see on the surface, much like an iceberg. That’s certainly the case for the Crystal Cave Park. The caves are a wonder, Read More

Three Ways Tell When Orthotics Are Worn Out

Fall is a great season for runners. The cool, crisp air is refreshing on the trail, and the changing colors make for beautiful scenery. Whether you’re a casual jogger or Read More

Check Your Shoes – They Could Cause Heel Pain

In the right place, you may find history, science, and art come alive for you to enjoy. The Reading Public Museum has a variety of permanent and rotating exhibits packed Read More

Hey Athletes: Take Care of Turf Toe

Staying active and having fun in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, is easier than you might think. Centers like the Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex provide fun, healthy activity for all ages—particularly Read More

Conquer Ankle Sprains to Come Back Strong

Regular season football has only been underway for a few weeks, and already the injury list is littered with players suffering from ankle issues. Some, like Tandon Doss for the Read More

3 Simple Solutions for Itchy Skin Allergies

Few races are as fun or as challenging as a Mud Run. These 5K obstacle courses push your strength and test your endurance, all combined with the fun of tromping Read More

Protection for Plantar Warts Is Possible

On September 7, the Heritage Center in Reading is celebrating Grandparents Day. Bring your grandkids out to the Heritage Center grounds for a scavenger hunt and a gentle walk along Read More

Don’t Dance Around Ingrown Toenails

Sometimes trying something new, like dancing, is a great way to get active. The Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Reading periodically hosts community dances and offers lessons to anyone looking Read More

5 Tips for Stretching for Heel Pain Relief

Running is a fantastic form of exercise that unites enthusiasts around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people jog on sidewalks, dirt roads, treadmills, and city streets. It’s a versatile Read More

Hammertoe Surgery: Considering Foot Construction Season

No driver enjoys construction season. It’s inconvenient to follow detours and deal with the extra traffic. You don’t have to drive far to see those orange barrels and cones closing Read More

Running on Stress Fractures

Imagine you’re out for your regular run when you feel a sharp, excruciating pain in the middle of one foot. Every stride hurts. You do your best to hobble home Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 19 posts