Please note that we are following all covid precautions and ensuring that your safety is our top concern.  We have modified how we run the office to better serve our population and keep you safe.  

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West Lawn Podiatry Associates, PC welcomes you to our practice! We have been serving the West Lawn, Reading, Wyomissing, Exeter, Sinking Spring, Wernersville, Temple, and Shillington areas for over 50 years. Paul C. LaFata, DPM, FACFAS , and our expert staff are dedicated to not just managing, but improving your health, comfort, and understanding of any issues you have with your feet or ankles.

Because we believe that people who understand their pain and their best options for treatment are better equipped to handle health care decisions, we make a point to discuss your discomfort and diagnoses with you. We also listen carefully to your concerns so we can work with you to meet your unique needs.

Individualized Approach

Our practice provides for any sort of lower limb pain or dysfunction, including infections and deformities, as well as basic foot care services. We can help you take care of general discomfort, manage your chronic foot condition, and provide prompt treatment for injuries. We work hard to give you the highest quality conservative methods to restore your feet quickly.

However, we also recognize that no two situations are the same, and your condition may not respond to traditional, noninvasive therapies. We also specialize in surgical repairs for the feet and ankles for just that purpose. In the event that you do need a procedure to truly heal, you can trust we will do our best for you.

Special Services

We offer a variety of services for our patients so that you receive the treatment you really need. Toenail trimming , ingrown nail removal , gait analysis and casting for custom orthotics , neuropathy assessment, and skin biopsies are some of what we have available for those who need it. We fit foot braces and diabetic shoes as well, so you’re able to get a comfortable, effective pair.

We are also equipped with technology to augment our services. Our digital X-rays and diagnostic ultrasound help us make accurate diagnoses. We also do vascular testing, which will allow us to check circulatory issues that manifest symptoms in your feet first, but could impact your overall health as well.

Surgery Expertise

As surgical specialists, we are trained, licensed, and Board Certified to perform many different procedures to repair, restore, and even reconstruct damaged feet and ankles. We take extra care to ensure we are providing exactly what you need and not an unnecessary surgery. Fracture management, revisional foot and ankle care, removing painful hardware, and deformity management—like bunion or hammertoe surgery—are some of the procedures we offer. We’re also able to provide full Charcot foot surgery.

Diabetic Care

Diabetes is particularly detrimental for the feet and ankles, making quality diabetic foot care an absolute must. We are equipped to manage every level of need for anyone struggling with this disease, from basic management and daily needs to wound care. We also specialize in diabetic foot collapse, also known as Charcot foot, helping to prevent this serious complication from requiring amputation.

With such deep ties to the West Lawn area and surrounding communities, we consider our patients part of our practice family. If you need a check-up, are struggling with pain, or are otherwise concerned about your feet or ankles, contact our expert team . Call (610) 678-4581 or use our online request form. We look forward to serving you!

About Us

Our professionally trained staff is dedicated to providing the best foot and ankle health care possible for our patients.  Learn More

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