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FAQ - Skin Care

What are the best ways to remove the warts on my feet?

It takes time and effort to remove warts , but there are lots of effective treatments available for you. A variety of topical treatments can help peel away the infected skin. Some medications stimulate the body’s natural immune system to encourage it to fight the growth. Cryotherapy involves rapidly super-freezing the infected tissue. A drop of liquid nitrogen is carefully applied to the wart and freezes the top layers. This then peels off.

If topical medications are not helpful, you may need a procedure to help remove it. The most common method is a simple excision. The area around the growth is numbed, and then the wart is carefully cut away. Injections of medication may help combat the virus in your skin and eliminate the growth. The effectiveness of each treatment largely depends on your individual feet and condition. Dr. Paul C. LaFata will work through the therapy with you and help you determine what will be the most effective for your own lower limbs. Call (610) 678-4581 or submit an online form to request an appointment at our West Lawn, PA, office.

Why do I have this rash on my feet?

Skin allergies typically cause an unpleasant rash on the surface of your feet , which is also called contact dermatitis. Something that touches your skin causes your body to react and become irritated. Your feet become itchy and red. You may or may not develop small blisters or other raised bumps in the affected area. Typically, this occurs within 24 hours of your feet being exposed to the irritant, but often it happens more quickly.

Your feet can be allergic to a lot of things, including common substances like poison ivy, chemicals in pesticides, latex, soaps, adhesive glues, topical medications, and nail polish among other things. Though it’s not as common, you can also be allergic to materials found in your shoes. Footwear fabrics are treated with chemicals and oils and held together by certain glues. Some people find their skin is highly sensitive to these materials, which limits their shoe-buying options.

If you find you frequently have a rash on your lower limbs, let West Lawn Podiatry Associates help you find the source. Call (610) 678-4581 or send us an online request to reach our West Lawn office.