FAQ - Bunions

What are the best shoes for bunions?

The best shoes for bunions are models that do not aggravate your condition. This can span a variety of types and styles, from athletic shoes to dressy footwear. The key is to find the models that accommodate the bulge at the base of your big toe. This will mean looking for footwear with a wide, rounded toe box so your digits are not squeezed together. The sole should be cushioned and have plenty of arch support to appropriately stabilize your foot.

Avoid models like high heels, which shift weight forward onto the ball of the foot. However, super-flat soles, like those in ballet flats or flip-flops, are not better either. Their lack of support and structure can also strain your bunion.

If you’re struggling to find footwear that comfortably accommodates your condition, you may need other treatment. This deformity is a progressive problem, so you need effective management to prevent it from worsening. West Lawn Podiatry Associates serves West Lawn, Reading, and Wyomissing, PA, along with the surrounding towns. We can help you begin the appropriate foot therapy. Call (610) 678-4581 or submit an online request to reach us .

Do I need bunion surgery?

Whether or not you need bunion surgery depends on how severe and how painful your condition is. The majority of bunions can be treated successfully with entirely noninvasive measures. If your bulging joint is very painful and not responding to conservative therapies, surgery may be your best option.

You should consider surgery if you find the discomfort interferes with your ability to walk or participate in normal activities. Having trouble wearing shoes, being unable to bend or straighten your big toe, or developing other foot deformities are all other factors that may make surgery more necessary. However, you’ll ultimately decide what is best for your foot. Dr. Paul C. LaFata is a Board Certified foot and ankle surgeon who can then advise you about whether or not you need surgery. Contact West Lawn Podiatry Associates, in the Reading area in West Lawn, PA, if you think a procedure might benefit you. Call (610) 678-4581 or send a request through our website to reach us.