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FAQ - Hammertoes

What are good stretches for hammertoes?

Stretches that straighten and strengthen your digits are helpful for hammertoes. To stretch your toe, carefully unbend it and pull it backward toward your shin. Hold it where you can feel the stretch without hurting your foot. You can also do this with a towel. Loop the towel around all your toes. Pull back gently so you feel the stretch in your foot.

Exercises to strengthen the imbalanced muscles are important, too. Use your toes to grab and pull towels set on the ground. Try to avoid using your larger leg muscles to move the fabric. Roll and wiggle your toes around to work the small muscles regularly. Raise them up off the ground, then try to lower each digit one at a time, starting with the littlest one. Even just squeezing your toes together for 10 seconds at a time can impact the little muscles. If your hammertoe pain is persistent, or you aren’t sure how to perform these stretches or exercises, talk to the experts at West Lawn Podiatry Associates—in the Reading area in West Lawn. You can call (610) 678-4581 or submit a request online to reach us.


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