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FAQ - Diabetes

How can I prevent diabetic foot ulcers?

Diabetes and its complications, like foot ulcers, can cause plenty of damage to your lower limbs. It’s better to invest in preventative care than to try to recover after a problem develops. Wash and thoroughly dry your feet every day. This helps keep them clean and prevents infections. Keep your nails trimmed as well. You may need professional help to clip them, especially if you have neuropathy. After you wash, inspect your whole foot for potentially problematic changes, like skin or nail discoloration, callus build up, lumps or bumps, cuts, bruises, and sores. Note anything unusual and notify our West Lawn Podiatry Associates team right away.

Make sure you wear appropriate shoes as well. This helps protect your feet against biomechanical issues and foreign objects. You may need orthotics to manage any gait abnormalities or other preexisting conditions. All of this should help you avoid ulcers. If you do develop foot ulcers or any other painful problems, have them treated immediately to prevent them from worsening. Contact our West Lawn, PA office by calling (610) 678-4581 or submitting a request online.


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