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By Dr. Paul C. LaFata
October 30, 2014
Category: Arthritis
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Avoid hard impact exercise to relieve arthritic painExercise doesn’t have to include high energy or high-impact activities to benefit your body. Fluid, controlled activities like tai chi work the muscles and improve circulation without the heavy pounding on your joints. This makes it a great activity for anyone struggling with arthritis in their lower limbs. Tai chi improves balance, flexibility, and strength—all of which are beneficial for stiffened, painful joints.

Arthritis causes an uncomfortable grinding and reduced range of motion in the affected joints. You end up with swelling, inflammation, and pain that make it difficult and unpleasant to stay mobile. Over time, moving around becomes more and more uncomfortable, which may discourage you from staying active. Giving up your activities will make things worse in the long run, though. Your joints will only stiffen further, as well as lose the muscle strength they need to support you.

Staying active can help you stay mobile, even with arthritis. Engaging in regular, joint-safe exercise before your condition deteriorates helps you maintain your muscle tone and joint flexibility. This can even relieve some of your discomfort overall. Exercise increases your circulation, which brings much-needed healing factors and nutrients to your damaged joints. Improved flexibility and range of motion allow your feet to move more smoothly. Conditioned muscles help you keep your feet stable and protect you against further damage as well.

The key is to avoid the hard-impact activities that could worsen the problem. That is why tai chi is a good option for anyone, no matter their fitness level, who is struggling with stiff joints. For anyone in the Reading and Wyomissing areas, the Berks Tai Chi group is a great place to start. It focuses on the health benefits of the martial art form, and you don’t need experience to get started.

If you’re struggling with arthritis pain and you don’t want to lose your mobility, let us at West Lawn Podiatry Associates in West Lawn, PA, help you take care of your feet. Don’t wait until you can hardly walk to seek help. You can reach our office for more information or an appointment by calling (610) 678-4581, or by using our web request form.

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