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The Truth about Quality Diabetic Foot Care

Learn More About Diabetic Foot CarePennsylvania is a great state, but it struggles with diabetes. For the last few years, the rate of diabetes diagnoses in the state has increased faster than the national average. If you or someone you care about has this disease, you already know how much it changes your daily health care routine. What many people forget about is just how important diabetic foot care is for preventing complications of this condition.

Taking special care of your feet is not optional when managing the disease. With diabetes, your feet more vulnerable to infections and injuries. Good diabetic foot care works to protect your feet from these risks by keeping them clean, protected, and regularly inspected for problems.

Keeping your feet clean means washing them every day and taking care of your skin and your nails. You need to thoroughly wash the dirt and sweat off your lower limbs to help prevent infections. Trim your nails to avoid in-growing and fungal nails. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent cracks, too.

Protecting your feet involves wearing the right shoes and orthotics to support your lower limbs. Use shoes that fit comfortably and have sufficient room for your toes. Custom orthotics can help provide extra arch support and cushioning. This is particularly important if you have developed any symptoms of neuropathy.

Inspecting your feet regularly allows you to catch and treat problems before they deteriorate. Many issues that become serious for diabetic feet, like ulcers, started out much smaller. They may have originally been a tiny cut or blister that went unnoticed. Inspecting your feet every day helps you monitor changes and get care right away if problems arise.

Diabetic foot care is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your health with diabetes. It can help you avoid serious issues like ulcers that could lead to amputations. If you’d like more information about your foot care, or need an appointment to check your feet, set up an appointment at West Lawn Podiatry Associates in the Reading area in West Lawn. You can call (610) 678-4581 or submit a form through our website to reach us.

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