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Facing Surgery Fears: The Truth about Bunion Surgery

By Dr. Paul C. LaFata
August 11, 2014
Category: Bunions

Dr. Paul C. LaFata Performing a Bunion ExamIn the summer, you see them peeking out the sides of sandals and strappy heels. Bunions are a problem for many people, especially those who are particularly fond of fashion sharp—but foot unfriendly—shoe styles. If the problem progresses enough, bunion surgery may be your only option for relief, as fashion icon Victoria Beckham now knows. She took the plunge on the procedure last year.

Surgery can be a big step, especially if you’ve been dealing with your condition for some time. Many people are afraid of it, and the many myths and misconceptions about bunion procedures specifically keep people from seeking or receiving the help they need. Here are a few common beliefs and the truths behind them.

Belief: Bunion surgery is more painful than other procedures.

Truth: A bunion correction isn’t worse than other procedures, though you may need to be more intentional about your post-operative care. Since your feet are below heart level, they may be prone to swelling.

Belief: Bunions will come back after surgery.

Truth: Only rarely do bunions come back after being corrected. Usually, realigning the bones is all you need to stabilize the foot and eliminate the deformity; however, some people have biomechanical issues that cause the bump to return later.

Belief: The procedure causes significant scarring.

Truth: While any surgery on the body has the risk of scarring, bunion procedures have advanced enough that incisions can be minimized and methods can be used to hide scars.

Bunions can be uncomfortable and make everyday shoes and walking more difficult. If your foot isn’t responding to conservative methods, don’t avoid seeking help because you’re afraid of surgery. It may be your best option for relief.

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